Pro Terra Sancta

Pro Terra Sancta is a network that promotes and implements projects for the conservation and enhancement of the cultural and natural heritage, to support local communities and help in humanitarian emergencies.

The Holy Land is the center of the world, a crossroadof peoples, religionand cultures. It is the land where all peoples have their roots. Participating in the work pro Terra Sancta means loving the Holy Land in places and people, it means living a lasting bond with the Holy Places and the ancient Christian communities.

Pro Terra Sancta operates in the Middle East, mainly where the Franciscan friars of the Custody of the Holy Land are present, in the places at the origin of the Christian faith and alongside local communities.

Our projects are carried out in collaboration with the associations, economic, cultural and social realities of local civil societies and offer training and growth opportunities to the most vulnerable groups.

Pro Terra Sancta is a network set up to make the action of each individual body more effective which, in its specificity, works in favor of the Holy Land. Participating in the pro Terra Sancta network:

Pro Terra Sancta Association – Non-profit organization registered in the appropriate list of the Italian agency for development cooperation and holder of a EuropeAid ID number of the European Commission. The Association specializes in the implementation of projects for the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage that increase awareness of common roots in local communities and represent opportunities for sustainable development. The Association also promotes projects in the educational and social fields, and intervenes in support of humanitarian emergencies.

Pro Terra Sancta Network Association – Non-profit association that coordinates and supports fundraising activities in support of charitable works, socio-educational projects and conservation of cultural heritage. The association aims to create a strong bond between supporters and the Holy Places, involving people from all backgrounds, cultures and religions, in supporting social, educational and cultural projects.

Charity – pro Terra Sancta UK – A recognized body in England and Wales that raises funds for educational projects and for the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage in the Holy Land (visit

iBreviary – It is an international community of users who pray the Liturgy of the Hours using the iBreviary pro Terra Sancta application. The application was conceived by Don Paolo Padrini and is promoted by the pro Terra Sancta network.